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Since the Stop the Drops petition began:

1. Over 700,000 hectares (1.7 million acres) have been aerially dropped with 1080 poison.

2. The New Zealand government is proposing granting 35 year consents for continuing the poisonings. These are non-notifiable consents, an un-democratic process that negates public input.

3. Though 1080 poison is promoted as a way to keep NZ free from tuberculosis in export meat, the NZ government recently deliberately injected possums with Tuberculosis bacteria and released them into an area that was historically free of tuberculosis, to study whether and how quickly tuberculosis could spread. This deliberately infected possum population was then used as justification for yet another 1080 poison drop.

4. Toxic 1080-baits are air-dropped over land and waterways, thus ignoring manufacturer warning labels (to keep baits away from water and to bury all killed animals). Hikers are often shocked to learn that New Zealand wilderness water may be laden with pathogens from 1080 poisoned-toxic carcasses. The human right to pure water- mandated by the United Nations- is being severely compromised throughout New Zealand by the use of 1080 poison. In addition, dairy farm are often subject to 1080 poison in their water supply.

5. Warnings on consuming New Zealand trout (due to possible 1080 poison contamination) have been issued by various organisations, including the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

6. In Marlborough Sounds, wild pig hunting has been closed due to contamination by brodifacoum -another animal toxin and POC (Persistent Organic Compound)- in the same deadly class as DDT. Brodificoum is being scheduled to be aerially dropped in Nelson. Brodificoum causes the animal to bleed to death over a period of several weeks.

7. The population of kea, the world’s only meat-eating parrot, continues to dwindle. Kea are known to eat the toxic cereal baits as well as 1080-affected meat and insects. An estimated 1300 remain.

8. According to MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry), 2525 domestic animals, primarily sheep, died of 1080 poisoning in a 16 year period. Sheep with sub-lethal doses- that survived these 1080 operations and proceeded to market- would have entered our food chain and exports.

The government’s ‘target’ animals (possums and rats) are far being the only species of animals impacted by 1080 poison and even they are not deserving of such an inhumane death. (see the video footage below) The carnage includes:
-birds who consume the 1080 affected cereal, insects or carrion. Particularly at risk are kea, kaka, rare alpine fern birds, native falcon and others
-wild deer
-wild pigs.
-domestic animals, including horses, sheep, dogs and cats.
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