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I’m Kai. I’m here to tell you about 1080 from a dog’s view.
I’m a LAPrador and I live on a little farm in New Zealand. Here I am cuddling with a visitor to our home.


Oh sorry, Mom says I’m a LABrador. My name Kai means FOOD. Food is my favorite thing in the world (next to my mom and dad). I’m excited because Mom says the sky is going to rain green cookies in 7 weeks. Oh yum. I love cookies.

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The green cookies that will fall from the sky are bad cookies. Mom says they will kill my animal friends in the forest.

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She says they will kill my friends the kea that visit when we play in the forest.

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The green cookies will kill the deer that live here.

Kai 5 pic

 Oh no! This is awful news. Mom says the green cookies will even be in the river we drink from.

Kai 6 pic

There will be dead birds and dead rats and dead deer and dead pigs and dead possums and they will all be dead-ly poison. All those yummy bones. I’ve loved to chew on bones since I was a little guy.

Kai 7 pic

Mom says that our next door neighbor had lambs die when green cookies cookies fell from the sky, and oops, they landed on his farm. I like lambs. I have been a nanny to a lot of pet lambs and I wouldn’t want them to die from green cookies.

kai 8 pic

Green cookies kill pigs too. It kills lots of little pigs like my good friend Tau, and it makes pregnant mommy pigs die.

Kai 9 pic

The green cookies will poison the whole area where we play. The world is told these bad cookies are only used on bad animals and where there are big mountains but Mom says it is used where there are roads and tracks too. The cookies will be across the street from our little farm.
Kai 10 pic
All the places we play will be unsafe. Even the plants will have poisons in them.

Kai 11 pic

There will be signs warning dogs keep out. But even when signs are removed in 6 or 8 months Mom says it will still not be safe near our home. Any animals that dry up can be poison for years.

Kai 12 pic

Mom knows people who have lost dogs in their own yard because animals are sick before they die from green cookies and may travel beyond the signs. And some dogs die at beaches because of poison animals washing to the sea. Like this poor little guy.

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So I need you to help howl to save my life and the life of all my friends.

Kai 15 pic

Help me jump up and down and make noise!

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Get together and tell all your friends too! Ask them to go to my webpage paws4acausenz.com and have their say. Their action could save my life and all the critters in the forests.

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Help stop the drop at my home at Pearse River. And stop the poison drops all over New Zealand. Please add comments here in facebook too.

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 My cat Pud wants you to help him too because the last cat that lived in our house died from 1080. And so did the neighbor’s cat. They both ate animals that died from poison cookies.

Kai 19 pic

Thanks for helping! Kai

Kai 20 Pic

We went to the forest again with the herd and I got to play hard. I’m tired and trying to sleep but Mom is back at the computer and it’s only 3 in the morning. She can’t sleep worrying about not being able to take me for walks anymore like this in 7 weeks because of all the bad green cookies and all the dead critters. I keep telling Mom not to worry. I tell her her friends will comment so we can bark to Wellington with their remarks. I tell her her friends will tell their friends. I tell her people care. They’ve just been busy.

Kai 21 pic

Mom keeps telling me stories about the bad green cookies. She said this dog and his buddy died in a public wayside far away from any 1080 poison keep out signs. She says I need to bark louder for help. It’s now only 6 weeks until the sky starts falling with thousands and thousands of green cookies across the road where I play. I don’t want my forest friends or any of my buddies to die.

Kai 22 pic

Mom says to tell you more about the kea (mountain parrots.). There are only about 1000 to 2000 left in the world. In some 1080 drops (like Okarito) 78% of monitored kea were killed by 1080. Here in our valley we have at least 11 kea. Last December, a pair were flying tree to tree yelling “kea! kea!.” The kea then landed on the road edge on a hump of dirt and their 3 kea babies joined them and they all sat and watched us. The ponies nearly touched them with their noses. Kea are curious and nosy and investigate most everything. Here is a picture of one eating – oh oh- a green cookie. Please help to keep the bad cookies out of our woods.

Kai 23 Pic

Mom tells me that thousands of my bird friends can die in a single 1080 drop. Her friend Lewis spoke with a scientist who estimated 10,000 birds killed in one aerial 1080 drop. Mom said this was a grid-referenced search where they searched for dead birds in one area and then estimated how many for the whole area. Most science studies are based on 5 minute bird call counts. These are not considered very reliable. Sometimes scientists put radio gear on some bird species to track them. Some birds die from getting tangled in the gear, or being stressed from all the handling.

Kai 24 pic

Mom wants me to tell you more about my dear friends the deer. It makes me lose my breakfast when she tells me how they suffer by 1080. This is a deer buddy I got to play ball with, so I’ll show you the fun things first.

Kai 25 pic

Here we are playing together.

Kai 26 pic

Deer do not deserve to suffer and be murdered by 1080.

Kai 27 pic

This photo shows about 75 deer. Mom says that if you take this picture and copy it 250 times, that will show you how many deer were poisoned in one year alone by 1080 (according to a scientific study). She says it was around twenty thousand deer that suffered and were left to rot in the forest.

Kai 28 pic

like this . . .

Kai 29 pic

Mom says this deer died quickly. It looks like it quietly went to sleep.

cai 1* pic

And this deer died of 1080 poisoning.

Cai 2 pic

This picture is the heart of the deer that had the peaceful eye. It died a humane death.


And this picture is the heart of a deer that died a 1080 death. Oh dear, it must have suffered a lot as its heart turned to mush like this.


Mom says that over 2000 sheep were killed by 1080 in a ten year period.


I have more deer pictures to show you but Mom says I should take a break and talk about happy things for a while. So I will show you my buddy Bella who got caught on camera resting in Dad’s lounge chair. We all love the freedom we have now in a world where the only stuff that falls from the sky is raindrops.


You can have a smile on your face and big cyberkisses from me for being part of the big voice to stop 1080!


We have horses here at the farm. This is mom with my buddy Laddie. Mom says NZ wild horses, the kaimanawa, have had 1080 poison dropped where they live.

cai pic laddi

This horse died from 1080 poison when 1080 was accidentally dropped into its paddock. Wind, accidents, and human error result in 1080 dropping in places that are meant to be excluded. Our horse paddocks are close to where 1080 will be aerially dropped. Please help bark to Parliament to stop the drop. No animals should die like this from 1080 poison.

cai horse death 1080

Here’s Rusty putting his paw up to PAWS1080! Rusty’s dad added his voice on the paws4acausenz.com webpage. Join in the global cry to stop killing dogs like me and wild critters with 1080. Get your pals to join in too. It’s only 4 weeks til they want to drop poison all over my neighbourhood and neighbourhoods all over New Zealand. Thanks for howling!



So please help before it’s too late. Jump on the action page here or at Facebook “Paws 4 a Cause NZ” and bark up a storm. Be part of the fellowship of the people and insist New Zealand be clean green, not 1080 green.

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  1. Janet Donnelly says:

    Please stop using this poison and have respect for all life. I had planned to visit your beautiful country. Now I am canceling my trip.

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