We are a volunteer-based coalition of global citizens.


We stand strongly for animal rights, and the rights of nature and all beings to a non-toxic environment.

What is man without beasts? For whatever happens to beasts soon happens to man.

Chief Seattle


OUR CAMPAIGNS: To PAWS (pause) cruel 1080 poisons.

Please see, sign and share OUR CARE2 PETITION: (Caution, the petition contains a graphic image that portrays what occurs to countless thousands of animals ‘in the privacy of the forest’ every time 1080 poison is dropped. Compassion for animals and a desire to end such suffering inspired the Paws campaign to ban aerial poison.)



CAMPAIGN TWO: An immediate moratorium leading to a permanent ban on 1080 poison and Brodifacoum. (Brodifacoum is the environmentally persistent anticoagulant rat poison aerially dropped on islands.)

Please see, sign, share the petition: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Prime_Minister_John_Key_Minister_David_Cunliffe_Minister_Mojo_Mathers_Institute_an_immediate_moratorium_of_1080_Poison_a/



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  1. Maria Amon says:

    I loathe what NZ and more so DOC does here – our native animals/birds/insects have been hammered by blanket poisons, and they don’t seem to see what they’ve done. In their wake is a huge explosion of pest life, stoats/rats and still plenty of possums. In my area 6 dogs have died from 1080, all had only been on the beach, not in the bush. It’s a disgusting way to die, and needs to be stopped NOW…no more excuses. To all people working hard to try and stop this horrendous poison = pat yourselves on the back…we need to all stick together and hopefully put an end to it….

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