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Music by enuf is enuf, poison-free New Zealand. Produced and created by the people of New Zealand for the people of New Zealand.


Mother earth



used with permission of Karameans Advocating Kahurangi Action


“You Said it was Safe,” poem by Redwood Reider


Haere ki te wai – a poem na rapata


some people seem to know which living things are best

which should be protected and which should be the pest

they say the forest’s dying and possums are a crime

and poison is a magic bullet, just in time

I think the earth’s our mother, our father is the sky

a possum is our brother and a plank is in our eye

ancient forests vanishing to factories and flame

all across the wounded earth – the beasts are not to blame

I’m listening to the waterfall, I’m listening to the rain

I’m thinking of a mountain stream that’s flowing to the plain

I’m thinking of the things I learned from those first here

when Tane ruled the wilderness and all the streams were clear

if there is a sickness, a journey to begin

if there is a trouble, if there is a sin

kneeling at the waters edge, washing skin and hair

healing and protection are offered to us there

after the poisoning, after the rain

kneeling at the waters edge, will it be the same?

I’ve listened to the arguments: “The job must be done

we have to find an answer – there’s really only one

poison drops are practical, poison drops are cheap

you can’t put people on the ground, its far too steep

young people nowadays haven’t got the guts

we can’t supply the tracks for them, we can’t supply the huts”

I was in my twenties when possum skins were gold

we took them in the winter, seriously cold

over in the Leslie, stripping off the furs

going up the ridges and going down the spurs

we left a lot of campsites, we blazed a lot of track

we made a bit of money and we knocked the possums back

in the Urewera, 1998

Iwi said to government “Forget the poison bait

the forest is our basket, we like our water clean

and we get a lot of visitors who don’t think poison’s green

in the Urewera, 2001

trappers working on the ground – the job is being done

I’m wondering if science is really all we need

I’m thinking it is fortunate that Iwi disagreed

those who represent us and ponder what is best

listen to the scientists but don’t forget the rest

ample use of pesticides is not exactly new

they told us it was safe enough other times too

I’m thinking with my fingertips, I’m thinking with my breath

I’m thinking life is sacred, and so is death

I’m thinking of a poison drop a river valley long

from Hoary Head to Glover’s Flat – I’m thinking it is wrong

I’m thinking of the people here who didn’t get a vote

and Te Waikoropupu Spring with poison in her throat

our forest is a web of life we barely understand

and still we try to fix it up with poison in our hand

can’t we knock the possums back without the poison bait?

perhaps we need to find out – perhaps we need to wait


Robert Jenkin (Rapata)  – excerpted with permission from ‘Scenic Dream or Silent Nightmare?’ by Kate Winters



A tree falls in the forest.

“1080 for Life” is a call to prayer from an ivory tower, somewhere in a distant city.

We – who live in the forest – can only sigh, once more, in despair.

More green rain – that kills.


Nobody listens. Never have.

Who are these ignorant peasants who dare to stand in the path?

Our Forest eyes tell us; behind the facade of false beliefs,

1080 is a cruel and crudely fashioned answer to poorly formulated questions.

How do we “save” our wildlife? Poison the forest!

How do we tackle TB? Poison the forest!

May I ask you: How do we save this precious world of collapsing ecosystems?

STOP poisoning it? An idea perhaps?

Are we co-creators or sole destroyers? You choose.

The tree is falling.

poem by tawhaowhao; from Otago Daily Times 02/02/2014


A video poem to Quince, a dog lost to 1080 poison

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