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This new video by the Graf Boys highlights dangers to kea.

Keas endangered by 1080 poison drops

Kea are the symbol for paws4acausenz. We love these ‘cheeky’ mischievous highly intelligent birds. This video portrays the dangers that 1080 poison poses for these now endangered birds. Experienced bushmen tell us that where there were once flocks of kea, there are now only fragments of the population remaining.

Keas endangered by aerial 1080

Kea are one of the birds highly endangered by aerial 1080. 77% of radio collared kea were killed in the 1080 drop at Okarito. And 40% were killed at Fox Glacier. 1080 baits are a deadly fascination and food for these curious birds.

Watch this David Attenborugh video to expand appreciation for what has been called ‘the world’s smartest bird.’

From 1883 until 1971, New Zealander government paid bounties to all who murdered kea and turned in ‘kea beaks.’ Over 150,000 birds were slaughtered. Today kea are ‘protected’ and anyone who kills a kea faces a fine of $100,000 or six months in jail. Unless of course… you happen to be someone dropping lethal 1080 baits in their forest. Kea numbers keep dwindling as use of 1080 poison keeps escalating.

Please join with Paws and help save these amazing birds.
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By the way, the keas dismantling the car in the video was part of an insurance commercial on NZ television.

Deepest thanks on behalf of the keas.