In honour of all the beings who have died by 1080.

Cats, dogs, deer, domestic and wild Kaimanawa horses, pigs, possums, and countless native and introduced birds all experience  inhumane death.  Aerial poison casualties also include domestic sheep and cattle, wild goats, tahr, bees, butterflies, soil and aquatic invertebrates, bats , eels, frogs, lizards.

Warning: Some of the photos contained in this blog (following the see more tab) are graphic. They typify the cruelty  happening unseen in forests and farm boundaries throughout New Zealand.  Your help is needed to make this practice one of the distant past.


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  1. Kia Ora Janice,
    I am writing following a request from Judy Scurr who was approached by Argenia in nelson yesterday. The request was for some form of support for stopping a 1080 drop planned in your Mount Arthur area. I am not sure what form of support is requested. We have supported many such actions over the last two decades here in the top of the south, in fact dedicated that part of our lives to opposing the destruction of our children’s lands. Two decades of commitment and many sacrifices along the way made happily in order to do something to bring about the change many wish for. We have undertaken such with no financial support other than that which the trustees have been able to raise.We have been touted as the most successful anti 1080 campaign yet due to the fact we not only stopped it for 15 years but did so by putting an alternative option forward. We remain committed to this path of creating an example of this option for all to see. We were nominated for the BBC world Challenge twice and recognized by E O Wilson and David Suzuki for our ways but more importantly we live knowing we are working with every breath and day for the future of our children’s lands. We have been asked by many groups to come to their rescue, help them stop the planned drops etc. All have been a waste of our time and expenses we can ill afford. All anti 1080 groups work hard to argue, to prove, to show that 1080 is bad stuff and an indiscriminate death sentence for our environment. We all know this, the case and arguments against the use of 1080 have been expounded for decades. It has always fallen on deaf government ears and appears to continue to do so. Arguing the point with government or their support or affiliated agencies alway results in the same thing. 1080 spread as planned! and the poison money flow that perpetuates it.
    We have learnt that the only way to beat this is by offering an alternative. Every anti 1080 action group we have advised the same and everyone of them instantly choose to offer this alternative until the hard part come along. The commitment we have experienced from most anti 1080 organizations and groups are all fired and indignant that this practice continues in light of the knowledge and evidence against it and wish to argue this with the proponents of 1080. Many will write and supply the Blah Blah endlessly, intelligently, passionately, clearly and concisely. But when the task requires more than anger, discussion and words of argument the commitment falters, there become more important undertakings and commitments than the children’s lands.
    The alternative is to do it yourselves, trapping the target species, hiring trappers, training trappers, equipping trappers, housing, supplying , feeding trappers, transporting trappers, paying trappers. Some income can be gained by the tender process and beating the price offered by the 1080 cowboys, but this is not enough income to operate the alternative. It requires more cash. This part becomes to hard for every 1080 action group in New Zealand, they immediately want to discuss where can they get the grants, gifts, funding from somewhere to pay for this.It does not exist!!! The hard part is you have to find the funds and pay for it yourself. This aspect is in the to hard basket fro every one so far. We however solved this but undertook a path that no others appear willing to go down. To set up business activities to create the ingoing sustainable funding required. I can go into this aspect in detail and at some length but unless people have the honesty, heart, and commitment to our Mother beyond the tail chasing endless Blah Blah
    then thats all we are doing, adding more blah blah to the mix and not undertaking effort and commitment.
    Our path is a hard path, we work in the forests, live under tarps, wet and cold many times, winters are hard and funding non existent, we work with what we have as hard as we can to create another example of all profits to the environment. Here on D’Urville Island we now face our island being desecrated with 1080 and are busy putting an alternative in place in our attempt to stop this disaster. We commit everything we own, can create and every minute of every day towards this end as we have done for over 20 years. So I ma not sure what it is we are being asked to help with. Judy mentioned that something from Waitaha to stop the government? I am not sure how we maybe able to help here as the government do not take any heed of words spoken by Waitaha against 1080. If this would work we would not have 1080 anywhere in our lands. Our goddess Rongo Marae Roa leads us to seek peaceful solutions to conflict, to opposition with the care of the whole, the care of Papatuanuku, her cloak and all that dwell within her cloak. Our path is of Waitaha, for the care of the whole for what is always the children’s lands.
    How may we help?

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