Numerous groups around New Zealand are working independently and collectively to shift world practices in regards to 1080. There are many aspects to the 1080 issue (including effects on human health, native birds, invertebrates, biodiversity) as well as its gross inhumanity to animals. Human rights to clean water; to health; to safety for children, pets and livestock; rights to hunt primal food; rights to safe recreation are all compromised by 1080.

The following links to websites and facebook pages contain a wealth of information, formulated by a collective of physicians, scientists, scholars, councillors, organic farmers, businessmen, bushmen, hunters, artists, ecologists, and animal lovers.

1080 Mother Nature Large

Environmentally Safe Pest Control promotes wild game animals, game birds and sport fish as a valuable, managed & readily accessible public recreation resource. It promotes the useful biodiversity on public and private lands, including exotic flora & fauna.


Poison-Free New Zealand, Enuf is Enuf, seeks a ban on all aerial poisons.

Stop The Drop for Page

Karameans Advocating Kahurangi Action supports a national ban on 1080.


1080 Stop the Drop Facebook Page


Beyond 1080 Golden Bay Facebook Page

NO to 1080 Use in NZ

NO to 1080 Use in NZ

The above shirts are being sold as a fundraiser to stop 1080.
Contact No to 1080 Use in NZ to purchase.



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