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Deep thanks to all who have signed and shared Stop the Drops. Your help is needed more than ever. Since the Stop the Drops petition began: 1. Over 700,000 hectares

TAUPO MEETING: BEYOND 1080 October 30, 2015

1080 meeting on Friday 30 October at 5:30pm @ Tutemohuta Hall, Blake Rd, in Waitahanui, Taupo. Richard Prosser is coming to talk about a project called Beyond 1080. Regional councillors

A Waikato Regional Councillor Speaks Out On 1080 poison

  Click the link following for Councillor Kathy’s White perspective regarding the environmental and economic ramifications surrounding 1080 poison: 1080 is acutely ecotoxic    

The Nature of Possums

The following video shows that possums are not the snarling demonic bird-gobbling creature as portrayed by government agencies. Jim Hilton, in 1080 Eyewitness wrote: “If wild populations of possums were

AT WAR WITH NATURE… what is driving the poisoning of New Zealand and islands worldwide

A must read! Bill Benfield’s new book, now available on Amazon Kindle. At War with Nature: Corporate Conservation and the Industry of Extinction. This is a book about how the

Animal cruelty issues addressed by NZ government


Some animal cruelty issues are being addressed by NZ government, although slowly for those affected. Pigs are commonly harmed both by rearing practices, as well as 1080 poison. How will Prime Minister John Key, MPI Nathan Guy, and MPs Mojo Mathers and David Cunliffe respond to their letters from Paws4acauseNZ regarding animal cruelty via 1080 poisoning of animals?
(Cartoon used with permission of Garrick Tremain.)

1080’s effects on birds


Birds affected by 1080 take hours to three days to die. Less than 1% of its daily diet in toxin-tainted insects can kill a fantail. Birds can be killed by eating cereal bait, by eating poisoned insects, or by eating toxic carrion. A 1080 killed bird like this becomes yet another toxic bait for a weka or raptor. Each death means yet more death in the forest.


dead deer
A Global Plea to halt the aerial poisoning of tens of thousands of animals has been delivered to New Zealand Government Ministers and politicians. The Care2 petition, launched four weeks ago by Paws For a Cause NZ, has amassed over 33,000 signatures from over 130 countries.

The “Stop the Drops” petition links to the video: Is 1080 humane? You decide. The graphic footage shows animals dying of 1080 poison, by-kill of the government’s aerial poison war on rats and possums. Viewers are invited to sign the petition if they believe 1080 poison is cruel and want to stop animal suffering.”

New Zealand holds the dubious distinction of using over 80% of the world supply of sodium fluoroacetate (‘1080’) poison. One of the world’s most lethal toxins, the 1080 is processed into cereal pellets and poisoned carrots and aerially broadcast over hundreds of thousands of hectares annually. New Zealand government agencies defend 1080 poison as a humane to moderately humane way to kill its ‘unwanted’ wild animals – namely possums, rats, cats, stoats, wallabies, ferrets and rabbits. In addition, aerial drops commonly poison deer, thar, goats, pigs, chamois and birds (including the rare endangered mountain parrot, the kea). Poison drops near farms and rural residences have killed cattle, sheep, horses and large numbers of pets. Typically, enough 1080 poison is dropped on one hectare to kill 2500 dogs.

Animal advocates fly to the heart of the issue, cruelty to any animal, be it possum or pet. Good Animal Practice in Science defines humane killing of an animal as “… rapid (immediate) unconsciousness and subsequent death with no pain or distress accompanying the procedure.” Prolonged animal death by 1080 poison has been well documented in New Zealand for decades. Rammell and Fleming in a 1978 Animal Health Division publication, wrote: Bird deaths may occur “from 40 minutes to 3 days after dosing. Symptoms include circling movements, drooling, lack of balance, convulsions, extension of feet, running movements, vomiting. Effects on dogs include continual barking and howling, behaving ‘as if terrified’, with tonic convulsions and running movements.”*

Pages of comments accompany global signatures. Typical comments are:

“Shame on you New Zealand government. (Belgium); “This is a disgrace.” (U.K.); “Stop this terrifying cruelty.” (Italy) “Nobody on this earth should be using 1080 anymore. Hideous poison.” (USA)

“What should be done,” writes signatory number 30,044 from South Africa, “is that those responsible for the approval of such methods be forced to bring the husband/wife and all children of their families to the board room where everything is neat and removed from reality. There an animal should be brought in and administered this approved poison and the decision-makers and their families made to watch and listen as the poison slowly destroys the animal and kills it in the most horrific way. Then they must go home and explain the definition of ‘HUMANE’ [to] the partner and the kids…I dare them. Make their decisions REAL and the blood on their hands. There are ALWAYS better ways.”

Politicians targeted by the petition include Prime Minister John Key (Tourism Minister); Labour leader David Cunliffe; and Greens MP Mojo Mathers and Minister of Primary Industries Nathan Guy who are in charge of animal welfare issues. The NZ Parliament based at the Wellington “Beehive” will be kept abreast of petition updates. The world awaits response to the global request for an immediate moratorium of 1080 poison. Meanwhile, the petition continues to escalate. A single Facebook post was shared by followers to over one hundred thousand worldwide concerned about animal welfare.

*Compound 1080, Properties and Use of Sodium Fluoroacetate in New Zealand, Colin G. Rammell, Peter A. Fleming, Animal Health Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Wellington NZ, 1978, p 23

Attached photo by Clyde and Steve Graf
deer killed by 1080 poison

Petition Link:

1080 drops NOT only for remote and inaccessible terrain

This accessible well-tracked area is one example of land planned for 1080 poison to be dropped.

“The commonly made claim … that aerial 1080 poisoning is reserved only for remote and inaccessible terrain, is simply not true; and it is a fact that the poison is routinely applied near homes, farm boundaries, public highways and into rivers from which drinking water is drawn, DESPITE PUBLIC OBJECTION.” (source NZWBMS)

1080 poison and brodifacoum causes great suffering to animals

horse dead b 1080

This horse was killed by a 1080 poison drop

“1080 poison and brodifacoum poison are cruel and take many hours to weeks to kill any animal unfortunate enough to become a victim. Poisons such as these will kill practically any animal or bird and are therefore extremely hazardous when used by broadcast spreading. This is a method which exposes all animals to the  effects ….”

Courtesy of NZWBMS



Deer’s fawn starved to death

slide 9

To help end this cruelty please sign and share the STOP THE DROPS petition:

(fawn image/text courtesy NZWBM)

Similarity between poisoned carrots and berries

slide 8

Go to a park and sprinkle cereal pellets for the birds and see how readily they eat them. 1080 cereal baits are equally appealing for grain eating birds, especially in winter all are hungry. Recently, TB Free NZ at public meetings in Tasman said that if possums become baitshy to 1080 pellets, they will switch to poisoned carrots. This photo by NZWBM shows how easily carrot fragments can be mistaken for berries.

Special 1080 poison especially for feral cats


Did you know that Department of Conservation has a special 1080 poison especially for feral cats? Today we received an eyewitness account of a cat poisoned by eating 1080-toxic rodents. It ran as if terrified, eyes rolled back into its head, and then convulsed and died.

Aerial dust from 1080 drops are poisonous as well

slide 7

Poison dust from 1080 drops, according to ERMA, spreads at least 1 km. It can travel far further in windy conditions, contaminating farms, gardens, lakes, yards of adjoining properties. (courtesy of NZWBM)

1080 poison affects all animals, directly or indirectly

slide 6

Animals that dehydrate, like this rat, are toxic indefinitely. Dogs can be killed even years later.