• 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate) is one of the deadliest manufactured poisons in the world.
  • 1080 has no effective antidote.
  • Over 500 tons of lethal 1080 baits are aerially dropped on approximately 500,000 hectares (over 1 million acres) of New Zealand forests and farm edges each year.
  • 1080 kills native birds, bees, pigs, deer, kaimanawa horses, possums, rats, cats, dogs, and livestock. It can kill any air-breathing creature.
  • Even species designated as ‘pests’ (by government) are sentient beings and deserving of humane treatment.
  • 1080 kills slowly and cruelly. Animals take from hours to 4 days or more to die. Poisoned animals may exhibit spasms, prolonged vocalisation (including squeals or howls), seizures, leg paddling, body rolling, trembling, rigidity.
  • Danger to pets and omnivorous and carnivorous birds exists well beyond 1080 zones. Toxic carcasses carry downstream by rains and floods, far from sign-posted areas.
  • Dogs have been killed by 1080 on public beaches, public roadsides, and even in their own yard (cats too).
  • Dogs are one hundred times more sensitive to 1080 than a possum
  • Dehydrated 1080ed carcasses are toxic indefinitely. (Pest-off safety data sheets).


  • Brodifacoum is an anti-coagulant rodenticide that results in bykill of animals ranging from deer to kiwi and penguins.
  • New Zealand government rates brodifacoum far more cruel than 1080 poison (watch the videos of animal deaths by 1080 and try to imagine something worse)
  • Brodifacoum is environmentally persistent.




‘Battle for the Birds’ is the rallying cry for promoters of 1080 use. NZ government (the manufacturer of 1080 and other animal poisons) proclaims 1080 is needed to save birds from extinction. Yet 1080 is a deadly avian poison. As ‘more 1080, more often’ is used, and more species reach critical states, the increasing bird ‘loss’ is used for justification for yet more 1080. “Birds bounce back” the public is told. But really, isn’t what ‘bounces’ the best the most fecund species like rats (known to increase in number 3 to 10 times following many 1080 drops). Here is a reflective piece regarding this battle, submitted by Paws contributer Janice Schofield Eaton.

Battle for the Birds

The battle for the birds is a strange one. Those who want to drop bird poison on birds – versus those who seek environmentally safe humane animal management.
We, the latter, are called anti because we opt out of 1080.

And yet we are strongly PRO:
Pro: humanity to all animals
Pro: the rights to safe environment for kids, dogs and pets
Pro : the rights to safe recreational areas
Pro: the rights to safe pastures for stock
Pro: rivers and watersheds free of toxic carcasses breeding E coli.
Pro: the rights of New Zealanders to responsibly hunt clean game to feed our families.

And because we stand strongly for these rights, we’re publicly and privately called names: 
ignorant hippies
stupid organic lifestylers
feral inbreds.

And yet,… we are teachers, councillors, physicians, scientists, farmers, businessmen, bushmen, birders, hunters, pharmacists, keen lovers and observers of nature…
We are Maori, Pakeha, immigrants, and concerned friends around the world.

We are grandparents rising from retirement because we grieve the loss of the birds, the waste of the game, the poisoning of the bugs so necessary for forest health.
We nanas and granddads wade through research and write until 3 in the morning because we worry about the world our grandkids will inherit.
And because we remember …. what freedom was like in New Zealand in the days before 1080.

We remember… when New Zealanders churned possums into tucker for dogs, and sleek skins to fatten the wallet; 
and deer had no poisons and became food for the world.
We remember when rabbits were winter stew. and wild pigs became hams.
And introduced animal populations were held in check by thousands of bush savvy New Zealanders.

And amongst all these critters, all these exotic animals where we lived, the native birds were singing their hearts out in the forest and breeding prolifically;
sometimes a hundred tuis in a tiny patch of bush, teamed with a symphony of bellbirds. We’d pause our work and bliss in the deafening crescendo.

Memory of this chorus stirs action. Thus we choose writing letters over retirement. We organise meetings. We rally others toto rise for human rights, to speak for animal rights, and to campaign for the rights of nature- and the rights of our birds to a non-toxic forest

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  1. Doris Darling, Maine, USA says:

    As the drop date approaches and my fears increase, I pray that the “powers that be” change their minds and come to realize that poison is irreversible and WRONG. I believe in the power of prayer and I wonder if others will pray for a miracle to STOP THE DROP and to preserve the natural life of New Zealand. There are better ways to deal with rampant over-populations of problem animals. POISON IS WRONG!

    At his inaugural papal Mass, Pope Francis urged all of us to respect each of God’s creatures and respect the environment in which we live. I hope people are listening.

    We are all in this together.

  2. mary says:

    who ever is responsible for loosing this toxin into our environment should be stopped and penalized as a world criminal.

  3. Debbie Abraham says:

    Can you please tell me that not all wild life is effected by 1080. When a carcassis filled with maggots, which in turn get eaten by wildlife (animal, bird) that the 1080 is not passed on to that animal in effect killing it. Why is it not reported as a side product of the killing of the opossum.

    • Graham says:

      Simply put Debbie; In my opinion, The NZ government including Departments of Conservation, Ministry of Primary Industries,AHB (Animal Health Board aka TB Free NZ aka OSPRI) and some Regional Councils along with the extreme green factions do not see it in their interests to gather or publicise such by-kill information that would compromise their program of mass poisoning of our wild-lands. In fact, the very existence of these bureaucracies feed in part on the 1080 poison industry and a government SOE (State owned enterprise) known as ACP LTD (Animal Control Products LTD) exists to refine and distribute , market and profit from the use of 1080 poison.

  4. Becky says:

    Please do not do this! NZ is an intelligent country that should be making wise decisions not only for its citizens but for the world. There must be other alternatives – maybe they cost more, maybe they are more difficult, but in the long run, they will turn out far cheaper. Be responsible NZ!

  5. Jill Parson says:

    We MUST stop using poisons in our environments. There are always better ways to get rid of pests than using manufactured poisons which destroy not only the targeted species but all other wildlife and plants where applied. What you do in your area impacts not just your area but also us in Alaska because it kills the birds that migrate here or to other areas of the USA. Please reconsider and find something that targets ONLY the species you wish to eliminate. This action will be irreversible – stop and rethink your alternatives. Thank you for listening to me and many others who are concerned.

  6. Kim Aspelund says:

    I was very surprised to hear of the 1080 drop that kills animals and is poisonous to the water. How terrible of a solution to come up with to fix a problem. Isn’t there a better way to deal with this? Something safe and natural? My friend that lives there will be devastated to have the overspray contaminate her plants and animals not to say to her and her family.
    Surely there must be a compromise. We have to take care of each other in a safe and effective way. Please re-consider and do what is right for all. Thank you.

  7. PeggyEllen Kleinleder says:

    I am saddened to hear of the planned poisoning in New Zealand. It makes me think of DDT use and the unforeseen impact on all species. May the plan be averted, and less toxic alternatives implemented!

  8. Sue Christiansen says:

    To the decision makers in New Zealand:
    New Zealand has a reputation as being a place that “does the right thing”. In America, we think of New Zealand as leading the planet in good decision making. You are a well educated country. Thank you Ministry of the Environment for your goal of environmental stewardship for a prosperous New Zealand. I salute your recent reforms aimed at improving decision making at every level. In light of these goals, please reconsider your scheduled drop of 1080 pellets. The United States outlawed this substance years ago for good reasons. For the well being of your citizens and the extraordinary resources of New Zealand, as well as the far reaching impacts 1080 drops have on the entire globe – now is the time to re-strategize. 1080 is toxic to humans and has far reaching devastation to the ecosystem via the food chain. International science demonstrates this substance will jeopardize the long term health and safety of New Zealand with huge social, economical and personal loss.

    New Zealand has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world. It has been scientifically proven that 1080 toxic exposure causes asthma and other pulmonary issues for humans. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3643278/. The devastating and cruel impacts on birds and animals is viewed by much of the world as barbaric. http://www.safe.org.nz/Campaigns/Ban-1080/, theochreproject.com/About%201080.html, http://www.stop1080poison.com/Page5.htm, forum.forestandbird.org.nz , http://www.stuff.co.nz/nelson-mail/…/1080-drop-cruelty-says-SPCA‎, http://www.wlpa.org/1080_poison.htm, ‎‎www.youtube.com/watch .

    Your actions affect us. This is one little planet. What you recklessly do in New Zealand will contribute to poor air quality around the globe. http://www.epa.gov/airquality/, http://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=topics.world‎
    Does the government behind beehive.govt.nz not recognize the negative impact 1080 drops have on bees? http://www.1080science.co.nz/invertebrates.html‎Bees that are critical to food production and pollination of plants.
    Unless reform occurs now, and 1080 drops are stopped, a media campaign will take place to get the the word out around the globe that the government of New Zealand actively drops 1080, a fatal toxin. The repercussions in New Zealand’s tourism industry will be heavily felt. International Audubon Societies are being educated about your current 1080 use and future scheduled drops. The Centers for Disease Control, medical professionals in numerous arenas including international allergists, pulmonologists and veterinarians from around the world are spotlighting your actions revolving around 1080.

    A solution that creates a bigger problem than what it is attempting to solve is NO SOLUTION. Please reconsider.

    100 years ago most people could not conceive of electricity, or cell phones, or internet…we learn so much so quickly. We no longer need to wait generations to establish the negative impacts from toxins like we did with asbestos and mesothelioma or Agent Orange and cancer and other deformities in offspring, or the ensuing ravages from exposure to radiation. Lets learn from these examples and not be doomed to look back at what harm we could have prevented. Please discontinue the use of 1080 in New Zealand now.

    I claim the same power that guides the birds as they migrate, brings a soul into an infant’s body, makes your heart beat and circulates your blood, – I claim that power to give you divine guidance in this matter – Decide now not to drop 1080! Think about the fact that trees give off oxygen… a substance we need to live; there is a “oneness of life. I claim this oneness to work with you as you get clear and decide the highest good in reference to 1080 use is to stop dropping it..

    Thank you for serving the nation of New Zealand and the time and energy required to lead. Thank you for considering the vast amount of research on 1080 use already completed worldwide and in your country ( http://www.1080science.co.nz/invertebrates.html ). Across the board science recommends alternative methods be used instead of this toxin. Thank you for choosing not to drop 1080 at this time.

  9. As an Alaskan I know the value of a pristine environment and how actions in other parts of the world effects our interconnected environment. This 1080 application over entire river valleys is a reckless, short sighted and and highly dangerous policy. The drop will impact species far beyond your target populations , damaging the balance of the ecosystem. Furthermore. As government policies state there is not current proven connection between the possums you target and the disease you seek to prevent. In the mean time 1080 endangers cattle, sheep, pets, and humans. The progressive, accumulating toxic load in human bodies is directly related to increasing cancer and degenerative illnesses in people and the toxification of the ocean. This is an unnecessary price to pay for human, their animals and the wild species effected. The new Zealand Government has better strategies available. Please choose more wisely!

  10. Shaun Andrews says:

    Campbell Live has let it out that a Chemical used in Legal Highs is Fluorine.
    Yes the same Killing ingredient in that is in Rat Poison, Fluoroacetate, the list goes on. God help us…..

  11. darlene hilderbrand says:

    When I think of NZ I think of a clean beautiful land dedicated to maintaining that. People travel to NZ for many reasons and traveling in an environmentally clean land is a large part of their desire to visit. Continue to maintain your land and continue to be a leader in the rights of the environment to remain clean and support humans.

  12. Robbie donnelly says:

    After the Drop of 1080 last year, we found that the night bush was silent where before the morpork was present in good no.
    As one who has lost a dog to 1080, a sight not nice, i am bewildered that doc ,Friends of flora,
    are so keen to spreed the 1080 over our forests when they themselves acknowledge that it kills the very species they are trying to protect.
    On recent drops it was noted on two seperate locations the no. of dead Snails,
    was this 1080 ,who knows.
    The greens are out in force on the off shore drilling even though the chances are small of a spill, there point is even if there is a slight chance of a spill. Well isnt that the same with 1080. If theres a slight chance that our native birds are poisoned then it should be stopped.
    If i was to shoot a Kea. the full force of the law would come down on me, So why then are doc allowed to kill the the kea by 1080.

    • Mary Molloy says:

      I agree Robbie, so many supposedly keen green conservation organisations just this this killing happen, we lost moreporks, plus very low falcon numbers, low tuis, some bellbirds, low pigeons and so the list goes on. In 2010 in the Westland area people were suffering, asthma, vomiting, random pains and general unwellness after dust was found on roofs (which are water catchments for the household), on crops for cattle and deer etc and dust generally in the air and on a lake. Their could be testing of a native bird found dead but sick people could not be tested – most interestingly the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Health do not make money available for the human population suffering after a drop to be tested. Clean Green NZ must keep the reputation going even though gov. departments, DoC and Health organisations know it is wrong.

  13. Mary Molloy says:

    Thanks for all you sensible comments guys, it is horrible to live in this country watching the experts forcing 1080 use on our wild places, farmland and waterways – used by both Tb Free NZ who know that most cattle/deer infections of Tb are now from stock movement, and Department of Conservation who equally know that they are killing vast numbers of many of our native species with 1080, worse they are killing species that are not yet identified. NZ is a new country, we do not know what is out there, lets hope world pressure can stop the powerful poisoners in NZ. Lets hope I live long enough to see those experts realise their absolute stupidity

  14. Tyla Andrews says:

    I have studied fungus, the increased use of pesticides, and the effect on the environment for decades now. The chemicals are absorbed through the roots and cause a false, but heavy flowering (mast year if you like). The flowers and seeds are toxic so any creatures eating them will become sick and die. Then the bark weeps and they go into a slow dying state. Which includes, leaves will defoliate, poor, if any seeds and flowering thereafter, until they receive another chemical dosing, golden mushrooms at the base, blue glow around the soil at night, and creeping vines may takeover and strangle.
    It’s now all ecotoxic.

  15. Kat Haber says:

    What are you crazy? I encourage NZ to live up to your 100% pure, clean green NZ promise. Please protect protect animals from acts of cruel poisons. I live in Alaska and know the importance of taking care of the soil When you spray herbicides they kill more than the rodents you are targeting. Please find another means of eradicating the invasive species. Do not poison the land trying to get to pest. You’ll be killing the promise and vision the rest of us believe New Zealand represents. Thanks you for your creative solution to this problem. I look forward to tracking your progress. Do not sacrifice the wild for the ferrel.

  16. Blair says:

    Unfortunately for the NZ natives their is no-one to actually hold the Department of Conservation responsible to. They are a law unto themselves. 1080 supporters live in a world where if it’s been studied and peer reviewed then it must be beyond reproach as also must be the scientists conducting the studies. They have a very flippant attitude towards the “bykill”that is natives killed as a result of targeting said pests and will only admit to the wrongs committed when cornered with no where else to go. A lot of what’s done in the name of conservation with 1080 would see a member of the public dragged through the courts with fines and publicly vilified should they attempt the same. A repeat offender like much like DOC is would see jail time for animal cruelty at the very least. Unfortunately only a persons death or the collapse of export markets will see a turn around but by then it will be to late.

    One other little thing is the 50/50 shareholding of the company which imports and sells 1080 in NZ. Co-owned by the minister of finance and the minister for the environment. Conflict of interest? You bloody bet it is but again they are beyond reproach.

  17. Steve V says:

    I understand it 1080 originally designed as an insecticide and was a very effective. Seem very little commentary is given on the apparent “invisible” impact on the insects and impact on the food chain especially in relation to the bird’s food chain. I expect it is devastating initially.
    With the build up of dead 1080 insects birds and animals after a 1080 campaign, there doesn’t seem to be any literature or research regarding secondary 1080 poisoning especially how long the poison can stay toxic. I understand that a dry poisoned carcass can remain toxic until it is fully decomposed and only then the poison breaks down in the soil or is diluted into the water systems.

  18. Corinna Wood says:

    I am alarmed to hear what’s happening in New Zealand with toxic 1080. Health for our people, plants, animals, and the land are the foundation that sustains us all. Poisoning your land and your creatures with 1080 is bound to create grave repercussions for your own people, as well as loss of those who would otherwise like to travel to your beautiful island.

  19. Malene Laugesen says:

    I am schocked that a contry even think about doing this to animals. even if it is a problem to the native speices.
    Hwo can the New Zealand goverment sleep at night. How can they look them self in the mirrow??

    We are on this earth to live not to destroy it. We are not goods.

  20. Sharon hawker says:

    Please do not go through with this ! Why are you not listening to the people of Pearse Valley?

  21. George Ripley says:

    1080! Last I heard of the use of that was 25 years ago in the wild American west being used against coyotes, only then the dead coyotes ended up poisoning the other beneficial scavengers. 1080 is a toxin that keeps on killing. I hope that the people of NZ do not accept this kind of indiscriminate destruction. There must be better ways for an intelligent, advanced country like NZ to deal with varmints.

  22. D says:

    Thankyou for putting this to the world to see ! As the founder of facebook page “NO to 1080 in NZ” I really appreciate your support.

  23. Honest dave says:

    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words??? So if you want to see the death & destruction that this horrible stuff does to NZ’s native species & to domestic animals check out this website for the gory details!!!!


    Click onto the item ” POISONING PARADISE”

    And you’ll be as disgusted as we all are who have actually been in our native bush after an aerial 1080 poison drop & been witness to the deathly silence & lack of birdlife!!!
    I was recently in a favourite area east of Taupo in the central Nth Is that was blitzed with aerial 1080 nearly 2 years ago. In a 6 hour walk I saw THREE native birds!!!! In the previous 22 months & several visits to the same area I had seen none!!!!!

  24. Rita Hodge says:

    Future generations will look back on this time as the Age of Willful Ignorance or The Toxic Times. How on God’s beautiful earth does it make sense to drop poisoned bait from the air. This is a travesty. First, it should not be done. If you can’t figure out a better way to control possums, then you are less intelligent than a possum.
    Second, if the idiots still insist on the drops, they should be forced to stay away from people, farms, fields, and any watersheds. In other words, no place is safe for 1080 bait. IDIOTS!
    so far in my experience, there are no poisons, pesticides, or herbicides that have been developed by chemical corporations that are safe. EVERY singe time they tell us their products are safe, but every single time they have eventually been proven toxic well beyond their original use. Thinking that poisons are safe is like beating your skull against a brick wall to get a song out of your head. INSANE!

  25. Jonty says:

    Yes this is happening and the Government is not listening. One of the anti 1080 sites is ‘no to 1080 in NZ’ on Facebook please share. We have shown them the gaps in the studies, we have shown them the lies told by the people that profit from it and they continue to drop this supper high class poison from the sky. Enough per hectare to kill 5 animals the size of a cow, how many insects the size of a grain of rice dose that would out to be? Killing the very invertebrates that hold everything together is the biggest problem built no studies are done to research this. ‘no to 1080 in NZ’ Please join us and fight this together.

  26. Jim Hilton says:

    We need help from the Global Community to STOP this outrage. New Zealand is out of step with the rest of the world in its Government’s Policies on Wildlife Poisoning.

  27. Tony says:

    Our New Zealand Politicians are so fickle and narrow minded that even our so called Green Party supports whole heartedly the use of 1080!!!

  28. mike says:

    Only can say one thing.
    stuff the government an the animal health board. Feed them 1080 see how thay like it.

  29. Davem says:

    People need to know that 1080 poison is imported into NZ by the NZ Govt!!!, from the Tull Chemical Co in Alabama, USA. The plant is only started up when the NZ Govt puts an order in. The fallout from the plant has killed all life in the waterway down the road from the plant & people living in the vicinity have “Agent Orange” type health problems.

    To see the devastating affects on NZ’s wildlife & farm animals, go to: tvwild.co.nz website, click onto the “Poisoning Paradise” DVD and see the truth with your own eyes!!! AND,then if you’re a consumer of NZ’s meat & dairy produce??? ask yourself “is it safe to eat this produce, am I poisoning myself & my family”?????

    This poison is listed about number 5 on the UN’s list of most toxic chemicals and it kills everything that depends on oxygen to live!!! SO IT KILLS EVERYTHING THAT COMES IN CONTACT WITH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ( except good old New Zealand )

  30. bob says:

    This stuff shoud be banned as has already been picked up in some of our exports; won’t be long and our clean green image will be gone and so will be a lot more of our exports; should also have those up using it for cruelty to animals

  31. Summer Shen says:

    New Zealand is pictured as a heaven for animals and plants in my mind. Can not imagine a NZ without wild lives. I am planning to vist NZ next year, and certainly I will not go to a poisoned New Sadland!

  32. Corrina Leatherwood says:

    I’ve been traveling in New Zealand for a month now and I have fallen in love with this country. I am filled with such a deep respect and appreciation for the amount of life and beauty to be found everywhere I go. When I see rubbish left anywhere in this stunning landscape I get upset. So you can imagine that when I heard about the 1080 arial drops I was absolutely appalled. The more I learned the more I wanted to take part in stopping it. This country deserves REAL clean green treatment, not a glorified green image that disregards the plain truth. As a visitor to this country, I send this message: Tourism supports your country, and this thing is going international… watch out.

    • Jonty says:

      Yes please spread the message, the only thing they understand is money in their pockets. When the international community speaks with their feet and not visiting NZ. Please visit our ‘no to 1080 in NZ’ page.

  33. Crystal Lee says:

    I and my family living in China,I already travelling around New Zealand for a year,and my family come to visit me last month.All of us having a good time in this beautiful country.But then I heard the 1080 problem from my friend,I am shocked!!!
    I can’t image my animal friends in NZ will die because one poison bone,I can’t image there will be no bird sing song to wake me up in the morning!
    In China,people use one world to describe New Zealand is “pure”—the water,the air,and the nice people.But after the Air Dropping 1080 poison,can we still find the “pure” in New Zealand?

  34. Tia Holley says:

    I can not believe that such a beautiful country could even think to poison the land. In this day and age science has proven that dropping mass chemicals has tragic adverse affects on the environment that are everlasting. While I may live in Alaska, this concerns me as a human being, and as a person who eats from the land and the sea. Alaska ends up with pollutants carried by ocean and wind currents from around the world. Please don’t add to this, please respect your peoples desire and rights to a land free from poison.

  35. Norma Lia Schofield says:

    The poison you intend to use will diminish our opportunity to continue to live healthy thriving lives. Please consider future generations of people, plants, and animals. Being destructive insures a breakdown in the chain of our existence. What kind of life will we be leaving for our children and grandchildren when they already have so many toxic issues to address. Thank you for abstaining from violence toward living creatures.

  36. Gayla Pedersen says:

    It seems counter productive to continue dropping poison on the planet when we are already dealing with events like Fukashima and numerous other life-threatening catastrophes, natural or man made. There is a time coming where we will need to return to our lands for survival. Its getting to the point where we can no longer trust what nature provides because of human engineered “improvments” or “treatments” and forms of pest control. Please consider letting nature take its course and sort things out. Our species has greatly contributed to the imbalance we are experiencing today within nature and it is greatly reflected in our health and wellness with the human race. We are here as “Stewards of the Planet”. To take care of that which takes care of us.

  37. Dev Dharm Khalsa says:

    I am appalled to hear of the abuse of the environment in New Zealand. I was under the impression that New Zealand’s government was more environmentally conscious than this. Every action has a consequence, and dropping toxic chemicals in order to control wildlife will most definitely have negative consequences. Just look at the past when this method has been used in an attempt to exert control over nature – Agent Orange, DDT – all these chemicals have had extremely negative future impacts on the biology of not just animals but humans as well.
    Every species plays an integral role in the ecosystem, so it is necessary that we treat each species as such – with inherent value rather than as a ‘pest’. With this said, I strongly urge the government of NZ to look into alternative, environmentally friendly control methods such as growing plants which naturally repel certain types of animals.

  38. Marcia says:

    Sodium monofluoroacetate(1080)equals:
    1. Carcasses, indefinitely toxic, carried from aerially drop areas to waterways
    2. Poison with no effective antidote
    3. Slow,cruel death for birds, bees, pets, livestock in its path
    4. The likelihood of less tourism for NZ

    Please consider other options! No more 1080. Thanks for your consideration.

  39. Ann Biddle says:

    It’s difficult to understand,in this day and technologically advanced age, that less toxic options for pest control are not required by governments and demanded by the people. Blanket poisons never solely affect their intended target. While most likely cost (poison to produce and manpower to spread)is the main reason behind the continued use of these poisons; the massive collateral damage done cannot be ignored. Many countries all over the world have recognized that that collateral damage (present and future) is not worth the societal and environmental costs of using 1080 and have banned it’s use. The NZ government needs to listen to the people whom they govern and the people that may potentially visit their beautiful country.

    • Honest dave says:

      The aerial spreading of 1080 poison is a $120million industry and is most certainly NOT cost effective (even if you don’t consider the economic by-kills of domestic farm stock!!).
      A colleague, who is a professional pest control operator, carried out a ground control operation on opossums in an area west of Lake Taupo. The contract price was $nz8.00 per hectare. $8 divided into $120million covers lots and lots of hectares!!!!

      The Govt’s and it’s associated disciples have a very well paid and organised propaganda machine that spreads disinformation and 1/2 truths to the public via mainstream media and TV. Herr Goebels would be impressed.

      The ONLY way we will ever get the aerial spreading of this poison stopped is when overseas consumers of our game,dairy and meat produce question the safety of eating it!!!!!. After the recent Fontera botulism scare the effect of this occuring with 1080 poison would be disastrous to New Zealand’s economy and the Govt needs to take a serious reality check before it’s too late!!.

  40. Susan Wallin says:

    The unintended consequences of aerial drop 1080 pellets, FAR outweigh the perceived effect. The fact that the NZ gov. agencies still promote the use of this toxin OVER the protest of its own citizens makes me question their actual motives. WHO, WHY would the gov promote the blatant destruction of AN ENTIRE watershed zone? NZers and free people everywhere need to rise up and make it clear: Gov.is meant to be working for us! It is one thing to be bound by legally passed laws, another thing entirely to be regulated in to poisoned oblivion! Immediately CUT all funding for regulatory agencies and policies under protest from concerned residents. Certainly landowners,tax payers, residents of the impacted areas SHOULD have a stakeholders place at the table, a voice in setting the policy, a right to clean water! In other lands this would be considered deprivation of basic human rights.
    Deliberate contamination of a vital water source seems like an actionable suit of “crimes against humanity” actually a form of biological warfare!
    Hopefully you’ve the big guys: PETA, Green Peace, WHO, ….. worldwide networking is advantageous for exposure, legal injunctions..Stalling, derailing, STOP this ill considered plan!

  41. Paul Morley says:

    Clearly invasive species of plants, animals, and microbes is a global issue. But The use of chemical poisons, especially 1080 which the USA banned years ago due to its extreme toxicity to all animals and subsequent carry over into the food chain, is sheer lunacy. New Zealand should set an example and investigate other means of achieving desire goals — control or elimination of invasive species. 1080 is primitive, devastating to a wide range of animals, including our dearly beloved dogs, and of questionable long-term effectiveness.

    Please do not use 1080 to attempt to reverse a problem which we ourselves created.

  42. kim mauney says:

    I am surprised to hear this, happening in a country that surely values it’s beautiful spaces and resources. I’m a teacher, and teaching about things like DDT, it’s really hard to hear that use of harmful chemicals continues even though we surely KNOW BETTER by now. Please, consider and use alternatives to things like 1080, or sodium monofluoroacetate.

  43. Janelle Eklund says:

    It’s amazing that this is happening. The USA banned 1080 years ago because it was so toxic to all creatures and disrupted the food chain. What is it that the New Zealand government doesn’t get? Does it boil down to greed? I am sick and tired of hearing how we are continually polluting our food chain. Everything is connected. We are doing a real good job of killing ourselves. Stop the slaughter now! New Zealand is a beautiful country and I had visited there several times years ago but now it’s too scary to even think about going back. Wake up NZ government!!!

  44. MasumaB says:

    How is this possible- a country that has so far thrived on their image of environmental consciousness and some measure of environmental intelligence. Have they learned nothing from the mistakes of other countries? I’m so disappointed. My favorite place in the world- New Zealand, and this is how the government decides to protect it? What could possibly be the justification of such an action? Shame. People of New Zealand- you need vote in a new government.

  45. Vonda Nixon says:

    I have been to New Zealand twice and have planned on returning as often as possible. I was under the impression that you were interested in preserving the beauty and grandeur of your wonderful country. Sadly it seems I was mistaken. 1080 is indiscriminate poison. It kills more than what is targeted. It’s affect goes much winder than the targeted area. There are better ways. BEGIN USING THEM! This is ludicrous! It has to stop! Use the better ways NOW.

  46. Janet Donnelly says:

    Hello to New Zealand,

    The world is changing and more people are learning that we are all connected. What we do to the earth and its animals also comes back to us. We need to be caretakers of our blue and green planet;provide good management practices. Please stop the use of aerial poisons. We share this planet and need to be wise stewards of our home. Stop using 1080!

  47. Philip Somervell says:

    I understand that invasive species can be a serious problem. However, spreading a poison like 1080 is far worse than the problem it is supposed to address. How could any “pest” species do as much harm? 1080 kills indiscriminately– all wildlife, pets, etc., and far from even the intended zone. I am shocked– and disappointed– that New Zealand would tolerate such a thing, much less promote it. I can no longer imagine visiting the country.

  48. Margaret Runser says:

    Poisoning water is NOT O.K. anywhere….water is basic to life and poisoned water affects, people, animals and plants and flows to other places and affects living things there…I live in Alaska and I am concerned for the water world wide….it eventually all ends up in our oceans….Please reconsider your plan to put toxic substances in this water! I alway s think of New Zealand as a place full of life and living things.

  49. Michelle Church says:

    It is appalling that such a broad brush approach would be used in New Zealand. I appreciate the damage that non native plants and animals have on a local ecosystem. However, aerial dispersement of poison is far to indiscriminate and the damage to unintended species is unavoidable. Please reconsider this method. I would not want this to occur in my home and I support those in your land who object to being included in ill conceived aerial poisoning. I live in Alaska.

  50. Stefanie Flynn says:

    Please consider other pest control and wildlife management options. Indiscriminate, broad area poisoning is detrimental, irreversible and will back-fire!
    We Alaskans who value our pristine ecosystems stand strong with residents of NZ under attack of this inhumane protocol. We support your outrage over the poisoning of your land and animals – we hope all our voices will be heard.

  51. Michelle Demaree says:

    I am amazed that in this day and age there is still spaying of toxic chemicals going on. I urge the New Zealand governmental agencies involved to reconsider an alternate way of dealing with environmental challenges other than pouring toxins on the problem. These toxins are devastating to neighboring lands, people and animals. The fragile food chain will surely be affected. I have spoken to friends that were planning to visit New Zealand and now have changed their minds when they found out about your eradication policies and the use of toxic chemicals. Do not do this terrible practice.

  52. Liz Kirkland says:

    Please rethink the use of 1080 our planet needs a kinder way, if we are to survive… the use of toxic chemicals is part of an older, less advanced age.. we need all the animals on our earth most have a function in nature if it is our lack of housekeeping that creates a problem then find a better way…

  53. David Newcomb says:

    I’m from Alaska where we have an ongoing controversy regarding aerial wolf hunting. I’ve visited New Zealand and found it beautiful and friendly. I’m shocked to hear about the poison campaign and urge the government to stop it immediately.

  54. Cathy Teich says:

    I have visited New Zealand and found it to be an enchanting country, full of incredible birds, animals and plants that I had not seen in other countries. The people were also some of the most wonderful I’d ever met. I cannot believe that the NZ is dropping 1080 and poisoning what they have. Tourist, many who are trekkers, come to NZ to be out in the beautiful natural environment. Many will not want to venture out into poisoned areas and will cancel their trips. I would love to return, but I won’t if I have to be at risk of being exposed to poisons. You have a magnificent country with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. Don’t destroy what you have. You have too much to lose.

  55. Andrea Weimer says:

    My family and I live in Alaska. We are hunters, fish and are active in enjoying and preserving our natural habitats. I volunteer at The Alaska Wildbird Rehabilitation Center. I see first hand the destruction of poisons on wild birds. It is horrific. I am appalled at the idea of the Government of New Zealand allowing such an atrocity as dropping 1080!I was under the impression New Zealand was progressive in thought and action. I am certain there is big Business involved, probably Pharmaceutical. It seems their hands are involved with everything that destroys what is good in this world. I will be certain to spread the word to all the people I know and meet to boycott any and all tourism or trade with New Zealand until all this madness stops. Please find an alternative that is humane and Eco friendly.

  56. Curtis Townsend says:

    Please consider other options to the use of 1080. I would certainly be dissatisfied if this was used in my home state of Alaska USA.

  57. Elisabeth Holmgren says:

    I have always wanted to visit New Zealand because of it’s beauty and because I thought it was a progressive and environmentally sensitive country. But after hearing about the 1080 poison drops and the severe stress and suffering its causing animals, birds, and the people who live in NZ, I am seriously reconsidering. Poisons do not discriminate. Please, I ask those people who make such decisions, PLEASE STOP. Don’t do it. There are other ways to reduce populations such as bounties. There have to be solutions that to not pollute and contaminate the land endangering all living creatures.

  58. Laura Monfore says:

    It is really disturbing to hear and read of the entrenched position of 1080 poisoning of the animals and the earth that New Zealand government agencies adhere to. Control of animals considered ‘pests’ is understandable, but to intentionally cause this type of suffering and leave such toxic residual poisons is impossible to justify.
    People are awakening to the fact that governments do not serve the people. It is time the government awakens to the fact that it is the people that support and allow the governments to exist. Reconsider your position with this poison. Listen to your people.
    My daughter did a 3 month walk-about on your island two years ago. The one not positive thing about your country she shared was your backward and ignorant insistance on the use of toxic chemicals everywhere.
    Reconsider your choices. Your country is no longer an isolated place that people live in and visit by chance. Many will choose another to visit both to avoid the poisons and to refuse to support $$$ a government that insists on poisoning it own people, animals and land.

  59. Madonna Rose says:

    The decision to drop 1080 was unbelievable to me. I was shocked! How can you decide to poison your beautiful country this way? I believe whatever kills wildlife will eventually make an impact on humans one way or another. What will this poison have in store for you and your children in the future? I am from Alaska and New Zealand has been on my bucket list to visit for many years. I was always given the impression it was as pristine and pure as the Last Frontier but now I have my doubts. I have talked to many people from there and my friend lives there. Please reconsider your decision and discuss the impact this will have on your people now, future generations and your wildlife.There are alternative methods.
    My sincere concern

  60. The 1080 drops in New Zealand are conducted by the Department of Conservation and the Animal Health Board. Both are government agencies funded by the government. Both organisations are well regarded by average New Zealanders who believe that what they are doing is in the best interest of preserving our native species and protecting dairying interests (Animal Health Board, bovine TB–it’s a long story). DoC runs an active publicity campaign highlighting how the use of 1080 is essential to protect NZ’s native birds and forests. Those who speak out against 1080 are politically marginalized. I think this is an excellent example of how the name of an organisation (e.g., Department of Conservation, Animal Health Board, Forest & Bird) encourages people to believe and trust that the organisation’s initiatives are truly about animal welfare and preservation of wildlife. Most New Zealanders either believe the use of 1080 is the best way forward to “protect” our forests and birds because that’s what they’ve been told by these organisations, or they simply don’t care about this issue. Most folks who spend a lot of time in the forests, and who have experience with the fallout (pun intended) of 1080 aerial drops don’t buy the DoC story, and they DO care about this issue. Aerial-dropped 1080 is an indiscriminate killer that poisons the entire ecosystem. I’ve been following the 1080 controversy for some time and have written several blog posts about it. See the most recent one, “DoC ups the ante with 1080 in 2014,” here: http://susan-thrasher.blogspot.co.nz/2014/01/doc-ups-ante-with-1080-in-2014.html It also contains links to some of my earlier blog posts on the topic.

  61. Rosemary Gladstar says:

    I always thought that New Zealand was a progressive and environmentally sensitive country, and it has always been a country I have planned to visit. But after hearing about the 1080 poison drops and the severe stress and suffering its causing animals, birds, and the people who live in NZ, I am seriously reconsidering. Who is funding these poison drops? Surely some big pharmaceutic company is involved. And what has the government to gain? Its sounds like a ‘Hitler tactic’; poison and destroy those creatures ‘less desirable’. All creatures have a right to life, or at the very least, the right to a calm and peaceful death without agony and suffering.
    End this horror now.
    Sincerely, Rosemary Gladstar

  62. Doris Darling says:

    We are charged to be good stewards of this earth. I find the use of 1080, air dropped and scattered, to be an outrage. I was planning on a trip to New Zealand because I had heard how beautiful it was and that New Zealand was a neutral country and it sounded like a lovely to hike and camp. Now, it has an image of EVIL. A lot of area has already been polluted by previous drops. The threat of New Zealand residents and their animals being subject to attack by their own country is unforgivable.

    I do not agree with using poisons. Poisons just poison and they don’t discriminate. So many products are put into use long before their real and long-lasting effects are known. Later, oh gee, those things are found to cause cancer or lots of other fatal or debilitating diseases. IT’S NOT RIGHT! People and the environment matter. Quality of life matters. Leaving this earth better than we found it matters. I hope and pray the people who make the decisions to use such an extreme solution to the possum problem realize the risks are not worth it. Residents have rights. They have the right to live without the fear of being poisoned–air bombed–by their own government. They have to right to live in peace without the gut-wrenching fear that their beloved dogs won’t eat the poison pellets and die a horrific death. How can anyone decide that using 1080 is a good thing? Please, you people who make such decisions, PLEASE STOP. Don’t do it. There are other ways. Offer bounties for possums?

    If New Zealand continues its decision to do the air drops, I will not travel to New Zealand.

  63. B Hajjar says:

    I find this quite apalling. With all of our advanced technical skills there must be an alternative. This is horrific and what truly is described as “Cruelty to Animals”. Action must be taken against these methods of animal control.
    And those who are pro to this method must live with Blood on their hands and guilt in their hearts
    Please discontinue the use of this 1080 poison

  64. matt medinas says:

    Very disheartening!
    I am an avid hunter outdoorsman of any flavor. I cant imagine such a dire need for animal control that any body, on gods green earth would resort to these measures.
    I have friends who travel to NZ every year and have for the last nine consecutive, Id love to go one day my self. I also have friends who are permanent residents there. I cant imagine how this makes them feel and I can guarantee I will not visit a place that has such a lack of heart that it would allow this to happen.
    How do you explain this to your kids? How do you sit by listening to animals suffer or watch it from the road side. Put that picture in your head and ask is this really the best or only way to deal with animal control?
    Please find a better way!! :(

  65. connie says:

    There has to be a better way. The use of 1080 is a horrific abuse against nature. I hope and pray that the persons responsible for these aerial drops will examine this practice and find a better solution. I hope the people of NZ will be heard and this awful indiscriminant poisoning is stopped.

  66. shelley plumb says:

    I am saddened by this out rage!! There are other methods to animal control. Using poison not only kills the animals but is poisoning the land and all that
    live there. I have a dear friend that lives in New Zealand and the purposed drop zone and was planning a trip to Alaska to see her family and friends. She has cancelled her trip due to fear of the dangerous conditions that are planned. She is staying to protect her animals
    from this horrible, evil and inhumane way of animal control..

    Remember this is a country in your hands. These people are trying to trust the government but all 1080 is doing is showing the world that New Zealand doesn’t care of the gifts that god has given to such a beautiful country…

    Please stop all 1080 usage and ask the country to vote on ways to animal control.

  67. John Desclos from La Grande Oregon says:

    Air Dropping 1080 poison to control animals does not help the Earth and Environment. How can New Zealand have a Conscience?
    The Voice of the New Zealand People needs to be heard.
    Working with paws to get global help to stop the poisoning of the Earth.
    It sickens me that people have been fighting this for years and the only solution is more 1080.

    • twilah says:

      i am appalled.. cant believe your country is so antiquated , and misinformed.. i was there once . and also cant believe they may have sprayed me before i could get off the airplane . and i was very ill , already, with chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivity etc.. and went to environmental alternative health center sydney later and drs while there. spending a huge amt. and getting good help. i had no idea this was going on.. and have great hope and prayers that this will stop now.. thanks for asking.. for help.

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