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  1. Jude Atkins says:

    I say.. lets start naming and shaming. D’Urville Island south island NZ landowners and supporters just stopped the use of 1080 on the island. DOC and there so called experts tried to rail road the residence association to agree to use 1080 to combat the mast year .. that didnt happen here. The association (4 landowners that attended the meeting) agreed to the use of 1080. Within days the remaining island landowners and residence got wind and went into action to stop 1080. At a meeting on the 28th may we did just that. YAAAAA… The only way I see to stop the 1080 use is to challenge the scientist.. ecologists etc…. they feed the government the information. There is so much evidence that 1080 is so wrong but no one is willing to challenge the so called experts… We need the scientists and ecologists to prove they are wrong and strip them of there qualifications .. shame them within there peers… Until we stop these guys reporting the wrong information we will never stop this… its a shame they are willing to kill our wildlife to line there own pocket. Its time they stopped playing GOD

    • poneke says:

      Yeah unfortunately all the scenario planning, was too much for them. When they had an option at the end of the meeting, they chose the wrong cheese,
      which happened to be the only cheese that we could all see.
      Must have been something in that cheese??

      • poneke says:

        and they had a cheek to think they could, sneak this through and dump 1080 on land owners, in close vicinity, without even asking them first! ABOUT 1080 AS AN OPTION FOR PEST MANAGEMENT?

        Well unlike that meeting, which only had a few land local land owners, 4 managers, SOME supporters,DOC,Forest& Bird, others-
        the majority of landowners, and stakeholders turned up en-mass,to the next meeting and literally booted that proposal for touch,

        those at the first meeting were deservedly taught a lesson.

        We kicked butt was someones comment_ not nice but it had to be done!

  2. Lloyd Hanson says:

    I am a 62year old Conservationist Hunter and Outdoorsman. I harvest wild meat to feed my family of 6 and as some of my adult children have allergies to processed foods choose the organic pathway where I can.
    1080 poison is made by a one man business (Tull Chemicals) in Alabama and our Government imports and uses 95% of his production. Animal Control Products in Wanganui New Zealand (a Government owned company) holds some 5 years supply of this poison and mixes it with cereal based product into pellets to aerial distribute over millions of acres of our back country annually! WE still have some remote areas rarely tramped or visited by man that possibly hold unknown species of vertebrate/invertebrates yet are annually aerial top dressed with these baits destroying any oxygen using organism present. Whole valleys are being systematically cleared of birds, possums, deer and forest fauna throughout our once pristine back country. 60% of our streams are now classed as non drinkable and of course according to the poisoners 1080 magically disappears after being dropped on land and in our streams. We cannot get a fair scientific test done of animals, water or bait strength as all our scientific institutions rely on the fiscal dollar and won’t bite the hand that feeds them. I see numerous people from the USA , Canada, Alaska commenting they won’t travel to NZ because of the 1080 usage and good on them. The only way we can ever see it stopping (1080) here is by your emails to our Government and Tourist agencies telling them TO STOP and by telling everyone overseas too! Lloyd Hanson Blenheim New Zealand

  3. Felicia Riedel says:

    There is such an upswell of cancer, autism, Parkinson’s, etc. that may well be caused by the widespread use of chemicals. Watching someone die of cancer or fade with Parkinson’s is so heartbreaking that other solutions must be found. Please, no 1080!

  4. Linda J. Sloan says:

    New Zealand is the last place I would be expecting to promote a policy of blanketing the countryside with toxins meant for a small population. I would expect the collateral damage to be unacceptable with long term poisoning of many species of plants, animals, and birds as well as the soil itself, and with health risks likely to emerge for humans. Please stop this carnage. I’m sure you can come up with a more environmentally sound solution.

  5. Chris Haskell says:

    The information regarding NZ’s plan to use 1080 is both shocking and disappointing. Until hearing of this, I had long regarded New Zealand as being advanced of the U.S. in your “collective consciousness,” and generally honoring of flora, fauna, and your fellow human beings. Such were the impressions I had heard from friends who have traveled there, and NZ has long been high on my list of countries I hope to visit. But, as it is with the “human condition,” there is always a “dark side,” which, in my opinion, is represented in this gross plan to use 1080. What is it that the planners have to tell themselves to rationalize the use of a toxin that destroys and harms multitudes of lives – directly and indirectly? My faith in the “consciousness” of NZ will be easily restored if the planners are responsive to the outcry of the people… but if the plan is carried through, my name can positively be added to those who will reconsider any plan to visit your beautiful country.

  6. Barbra Howard says:

    This 1080 sounds like horror science fiction. The United States banned DDT half a century ago because of the devastation it caused. Can NZ not find alternatives to this 1080 genoside?

  7. Colleen Powers says:

    No 1080. New Zealand, have you forgotten that you lead the way for the rest of the world in environmental matters????????? Remember who you are! Save the animals, save the land, support your farmers and residents.

  8. robyn martin says:

    it all sounds very grim, do hope a better way can be found!!!!

    Nothing worthwhile is easy, keen to hear of alternative solutions???

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