Pictures speak a thousand words. These videos graphically portray the reality of 1080 in the environment.


All over New Zealand, out of sight of public view, millions of mammals, birds & insects die by 1080 poison. Here is the graphic reality of how cruelly animals suffer when 1080 lands on farms and the truth is visible. Ending animal cruelty is the motivation behind the formation of paws4acausenz. We need New Zealand and global help to put an end to this ecocide. To speak out, make a comment!


NEW RELEASE by PAWS: Eyewitness video, recounting a NZ farmer’s experience with aerial 1080.

Later in the video, when Stu is asked about carcasses, he is referring to 30 farmed deer on a neighboring property killed by this same aerial drop, that were dragged to a gully for disposal.

Poisoning Paradise is the classic documentary exploring all aspects of 1080.

To host a screening of Poisoning Paradise in your community, contact TV Wild. Click on the TV Wild logo for details on contacting the filmmakers.



Click here to see a sample poster for advertising a local screening of Poisoning Paradise:

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Following are shorter youtube videos portraying impacts of 1080:

Paws 4 a Cause: first original video.

Operation Nest Egg and Its Effects on Kiwi

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